Friday, March 19, 2021

March 16, 2021 meeting of the Baltimore County Animal Services Advisory Commission

 Hi, everyone,

Here's a wrap-up off our latest meeting. Meetings are still being held via zoom.


1 Call to Order

2. Roll Call-Determination of a quorum-Members in attendance were Deborah Stone Hess, Roy Plummer, Janice Vincent, Steve Malan, Chris Shaughness, Bob Swensen, and Ann Gearhart.

Also in attendance were Chiefg of Animal Services es Dr. Sandra Andrulis and Deputy Chief of Animal Services Jonny Akchin.

3. Approval of February 2021 Minutes-Minutes were approved. Here are the minutes as approved:


                                            February 16, 2021

The fifty-third regular meeting of the Baltimore County Animal Services Advisory Commission was held on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 via Zoom.

Members in attendance were: Deborah Stone Hess, Roy Plummer, Chris Shaughness, Ann Gearhart, Maryanne Bailey, and Louis Eguzo.

This meeting was called to order at 6:39 p.m. by the Chair Deborah Stone Hess.


January minutes were approved.

New Business: =

Deborah and Chris Shaughness and Steve Malan held a Zoom meeting with representatives of the county to discuss the Commission’s recommendation for a TNR law in Baltimore County.

Chris said the information shared by the Commission was very well received. 

Deborah reviewed the status of animal-related legislation being considered by the General Assembly. 

The next Commission meeting is scheduled for March 16, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom.

Adjournment at 6:57 p.m.

4. New Business

a. Animal Seizure-Jonny Akchin provides info-BCAS recently participated in a very large animal seizure and Jonny gave details as follows:

March 1, 2021 Baltimore City Animal Control notified BCAS of an animal cruelty offender residing in Baltimore County who was violating a no contact with animals probation condition. He was staying there but did not own the home. He was advertising for sale many small animals on instagram and basically running an unlicensed pet store out of a Parkville home. BCAS executed a warrant on March 4. 

They seized over 300 animals...snakes, mice, rabbits, pigs, rabbits, chickens, turtles, tortoises, hamsters, geckos,  =pigs and  bearded dragons. Many of the animals were intended to be snake foo the home owners had numerous snakes, including a 15 foot python. 

There were sheds on the property and the condition of the sheds was terrible. Many animals in the sheds were emaciated...some were dead. The original target of the warrant is in jail now. He will serve the rest of his probation in jail.

While the snakes were owned by the owners of the home (not the probation violator) BCAS felt it appropriate to seize the snakes because of the condition of the sheds on the property. The snakes don't appear to be mistreated.

BCAS also seized pigs and dogs which were not mistreated. The dogs may be returned to the home owners.However, the owners were not allowed to have pigs  at a row home in Baltimore County.

The owners have agreed to allow BCAS to find homes for the small animals.

BCAS has had to make a lot of workarounds to handle all the animals. 

Jonny said he was throughly impressed with how all the BCAS staff have handled this. Also the volunteers have been reaching out to the community and have gotten cages donated, etc.

.b. February 2021 BAWA Stats-These are monthly stats submitted to the Baltimore Animal welfare Alliance. Here are those stats:

Basic Data Matrix
February 2021
Species by AgeDogsCatsTotal
ALive Animal Count at Beginning of Month3567102
 Live Intake During Month   
BStray/At Large5572127
CRelinquished by Owner313970
DOwner Requested Euthanasia14519
ETransferred In From Agency000
FOther Intakes426
 Disposition During Month   
IReturn to Owner24226
JTransferred to another Agency193756
 Transferred within BAWA31013
KOther Live Outcome088
LDied/Lost in Care000
MEuthanasia - At Owner's Request10616
NEuthanasia - All other than owner request151530
PLive Animal Count at End of Month (A+G-O)4270112

c. Dr. Andrulis update-BCAS has had another kitten incubator donated...this one by the McCurdy family. Tom McCurdy was a long-time volunteer at BCAS and the incubator has been donated in his honor.

The BCAS website is up and running well.

New volunteers are coming on board...19 are scheduled for orientation.

Dr. Andrulis has submitted a proposal for a working cat building. if funding is awarded this housing would provide an indoor and outdoor open space for the cats to be held rather than in cages. 

BCAS has been given a  MD Agriculture Dept. grant for TNR for 2022. . They were not able to get an additional grant for low-income spay/neuter. BCAS does not have funding for the rest of the year for TNR. Dr. A is trying to get approval to do TNR for the rest of the year. Funding will run out for TNR for this year within a week. 

d. New video for BCAS-Deborah is getting ready to work with BCAS to produce another video...this one about how to introduce an adopted second cat to your home.

5.  Roy’s birthday-Roy just celebrated his 65th birthday. Happy birthday, Roy!

6. Any other business?

7. Next meeting date and time Our next meeting will be held on April 20, 2021 at 6:30 pm  via Zoom.

8. Adjourn