Friday, July 24, 2020

July meeting of the Baltimore County Animal Services Advisory Commission

Hi, everyone,
The Animal Services Advisory Commission continues to meet virtually. We had our most recent meeting on July 21, 2020.
We recorded our zoom meeting but the file is too big for me to post it here.
So here is a summary.

                                          July 21, 2020
     Baltimore County Animal Services Advisory Commission

1) Call to Order

2) Roll Call-Determination of a Quorum In attendance were Deborah Stone Hess, Bob Swensen, Maryanne Martin Bailey, Roy Plummer, Julie Salter, Louis Eguzo

3) Approval of June 2020 Minutes-
Unfortunately, there was a mixup because our secretary to the Commission has changed. I will be working on minutes for June and we will have to approve them at the August meeting along with the minutes for July. Our new secretary is Kathy Wynn.

4) Correction to minutes approved last month
Dr. Andrulis wanted us to know that it is the policy of BCAS to do spay/neuter on first impound. Those redeeming their pets can ask for a waiver, for example, if the dog is a breeding dog. If a waiver is granted, the pet owners is informed that if the animal its once again brought in as a stray to BCAS, spay/neuter will be mandatory.

5) Old Business
a) TNR legislation
Deborah has been wanting Baltimore County to pass TNR legislation making it the law in the county. She and Dr. Andrulis have discussed this. Anne Arundel County has approved TNR legislation and Dr. Andrulis put Deborah in touch with a citizen who was involved in that effort. Deborah will be meeting with Councilman Izzy Patoka to discuss this and has a conversation planned with Alley Cat Allies which helps jurisdictions to craft TNR bills and work for their passage.

6) New Business
Animal Services Chief update- The Health Dept. reports that after interviews, they have chosen someone to replace Kevin Usilton as Animal Services Chief. That persons name has been submitted to Submitted a name to HR and Budget for approval.

a) Dr. Andrulis BCAS update
Dr. Andrulis joined our meeting and explained that BCAS is still not allowing the public into the shelter because of COVID 19.

Spay/Neuter for the public and TNR availability for the public are on hold until at least August 21st.
BCAS also hopes to open the shelter by the end of August.
All interactions with the public including meet and greets with adoptable dogs are being done curbside. Meet and greets with cats are being done in the Cuddle Shuttle.
Space at BCAS is very tight, and as a result, cats become more stressed and some are getting upper respiratory infections.
But they are not euthanizing for space. They are however working to get some of these cats out to foster to help them recover more quickly. If you know anyone who can foster cats, please have them reach out to BCAS.

One of the problems shelters and rescues face is adopters not following the instructions they're given (like a two week shutdown). As a result, problems occur and sometimes animals are returned. Deborah has offered to make a video that adopters can watch about why these requirements can really make the difference between a successful adoption and an unsuccessful one.
She and Shannon Lapinsky are going to work on making the video happen.

b) 2nd quarter stats
Here is a summary of the 2nd quarter BCAS statistics along with a comparison with the first quarter's numbers. Note that there was less intake and other numbers are lower in the second quarter because of the steps BCAS has taken during the pandemic.

                  2ND QUARTER 2020 BCAS STATS

                                                           DOGS                      CATS
Intake                                               344                           458
Adoption                                       63 (18.3%)          172 (37.5%)                
Redeemed by owner                109 (31.6%)           14 (3%)
Pulled by rescue                          75 (21.8%)            64 (13.9%)
TNR                                                                                       32
Non-O Euth.                                  21 ( 6.1%)             57  (12.4%)    
Live Release Rate                         93.9%                     87.6%    

              1ST QUARTER 2020 BCAS STATISTICS

                                            DOGS                         CATS
Intake                                  572                          692
Adoption                            171 (24.7%)         245 (35.4%)
Redeemed by owner        173  (30.2%)        37 (5.3%)
Pulled by rescue                114 (19.9%)        166 (23.9%)
Non-O euth.                         51 (8.9%)          64 (9.2%)
Live Release Rate                91.18%%          90.8%

c) Election for Chair
Deborah Stone Hess was re-elected as Chair of the Commission.

7) Any Other Business? No

8) Date and Time of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held on Zoom on August 18, 2020 at 6:30 PM.
If anyone would like to be on the zoom call just to listen in, please let me know. Our meetings are open to the public.

9) Adjournment

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